The importance of product drops and pre-sales in eCommerce

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Puddle Pirate and Civvie Supply are both small online apparel businesses founded by former Coast Guard members and U.S. military veterans with a vision to create premium patriotic apparel with exceptional graphic design.


Because both are small businesses operating on limited budgets, these apparel brands wanted to test the waters and pre-sell designs to their customers online rather than produce and stock inventory at a larger cost and risk to their margins.


Nice Commerce allows pre-sales of their orders (and all brand partners) and helped make shipping and fulfillment of the inventory flow with ease and at limited cost. This has become a successful business solution for emerging brands to test-run apparel designs or proof of concept on new products while at the same time qualifying customer interest with minimum risk.

“Before partnering with Nice, I used to spend most of my time fulfilling orders and figuring out packaging solutions, I now use that time to work on marketing and actually pushing the product to consumers. Aside from that, the ease of mind the Nice provides helps me focus my efforts on expanding the product line. I joined Nice in May of 2020, and my 2020 sales were 2.5x what they were in 2019. I owe all of that to Nice and their team.”

- Chris Edington of Puddle Pirate, Founder of Puddle Pirate