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Pick, Pack, and Ship Your Orders the Nice Way

As an eCommerce business owner or operating professional, you want to pick, pack, and ship like your reputation depends on it...because it does!

What is Pick and Pack?

Pick and pack (and ship) refers to the three-step process that starts with one of your customers making an order, and ends with the product being delivered to their door. It sounds simple, but it is this process that can leave many 3PLs, and business owners alike, thrown for a loop. 

An Order is Placed

When you receive an order from a customer, it comes through from your website and into our WMS (Warehouse Management System). From here, the product is ready to make its journey through the warehouse. 

The Order is Picked

The warehouse staff will find the correct items from the order. This can be a time-consuming process, but there are strategies that can be put in place to make it as efficient as possible.

The Order is Packaged and Sent

Once the order has been picked, it’s sent over to a packing station. The items are carefully packaged with any necessary documentation. 

How to Pick and Pack Efficiently

Without giving away any secrets, there are a few very simple ways to make a pick/pack/ship process much easier. 

  • Organization: Categorize each product into sections. These can include the most popular, the most sold, or seasonal items. Make sure that the items are easily accessible and intuitively stored in active inventory or back stock.
  • Cleanliness: No boxes everywhere. No messy workstations. Specific locations for workstations, products and people should be labeled in the warehouse. Everything has a designated place that it lives, and everything has a count that is monitored. Especially items not included in a standard WMS.
  • Inventory accuracy: This means keeping track of the numbers of every single product that comes in and out of the warehouse. This helps to increase pick and pack efficiency and ensures your shrinkage rates are low. 
    • Being a scan-based warehouse helps this tremendously. Each product is scanned as it moves from receiving to shipping, moment to moment, even if it moves an inch. Scanning also creates a paper trail for you to identify and troubleshoot errors.


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Advantages of Optimizing Your Pick and Pack Process

Having a fast and reliable pick and pack system means the correct products are delivered to your customers and fast. The speed in which an order arrives to a customer is everything. Happy customers are likely to leave positive reviews of your business, increasing your brand’s visibility and credibility.

These processes can save you money. It can reduce costs of hiring warehouse staff, as well as eliminating losses from missing items. The money that you save can be invested back into the business!

By tracking every item that enters and leaves the warehouse, you gain an accurate inventory count. Having an organized pick and pack system allows you to plan ahead. You can analyze your customer’s purchasing behaviors. You can see what items are popular, so you can reorder them ready to send out to new customers in the future.

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Pick, Pack, and Ship the Nice Way

Nice Commerce can optimize your workflow to increase efficiency and productivity within your business. All orders are processed to provide customizable, reliable and fast service. The company is built by entrepreneurs who have been on both sides, and now have years of experience behind them.

Nice Commerce offers the following to all small and medium businesses.

  • Warehousing
  • Storage
  • eCommerce or wholesale order fulfillment
  • Real-time order status and workflow updates
  • Sustainable packaging options

Head over to the Nice Commerce website to get in touch and see how we can optimize your pick and pack process.

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