Nice Commerce Squad Spotlight Wednesdays: Ashley Edition!

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This week we have Ashley AKA Baby Cow Or BC for short.

Ashley is the Queen of the Cardboard Kingdom/Fulfillment Extraordinaire.

Favorite Hobbies?
“PLANTS. Eating. Anime”

Favorite anime of all time?
“Can I give top 3?
1. One Piece
2. Hunter x Hunter
3. Bleach”

How many decades have you worked here at Nice Commerce?
“50, my son thinks I’m 503”

You’re actually celebrating your 60 days at Nice soon! What’s your favorite thing that’s happened so far?”
“Seeing the new racking literally go up over night!”

Anything fun happening outside of Nice?
“My son got all 4s on his report card and I wasn’t prepared for it. So now I owe home $100 and a trip to Dave and Busters.”

Last song you listened to?
“The theme to One-Punch Man”

Favorite office item?
“My Shirt folder!”

First thing you notice when you walk in the building everyday?
“You in the conference room”

Any brands or products you are vibin’ with right now?
“So I’ve pretty much used a whole bottle of @redclayhotsauce in like a week. I use it on my burgers with the @eatmarkethouse burger salt and garlic spice”

Last thing you ordered off the internet?
“I order something everyday, my mixing bowls came today, and there’s more on the way”

Favorite weekly task?
“The food truck or the donuts”

Anything else you want the people to know?
“Come work for Nice!”

Any shoutouts?
@bradley_engle my anime brother!

Everyone, find you an Ashley!
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