Nice Commerce Squad Spotlight Wednesdays: Mandy Edition!

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Nice Commerce Squad Spotlight Wednesdays!

This week we have Mandy AKA Manda

Mandy’s title is the (self proclaimed) Fulfillment Fairy of Nice Commerce!

Where are you from?
“Born and raised in Charleston!”

Favorite Snack?
“Dark Chocolate - caramel specifically”

From where?
“L&B on James Island!”

Last concert you went to?
“HAHA it was KISS! I can’t imagine they’ll be around too much longer so you gotta go see ‘em!”

Nice Tenure?
“6 months!”

Any brands or products you are vibin’ with right now?
“Oh gosh how do I even choose? I love all of them!”

Last thing you purchased on the internet?
“Invisible @fitssocks “

Anything you’re looking forward to right now in or outside of work?
“New clients onboarding currently!”

Favorite office item?
“I think my favorite would probably be the 10x13 Tyvek”

Favorite weekly task?
“Well it’s a required task to stay awake, and one way to do that is get coffee, so definitely getting coffee!”

Anything else you want the people to know?
“One of my favorite activities is going to the John’s Island farmers market and visiting the merchants and especially food trucks! Oh and just farms in general!”

Everyone, find you a Mandy!