Nice Commerce Squad Spotlight Wednesdays: Chris O. Edition!

Posted by RGA Collaborator on

This week the man, the myth, Christopher, AKA Big Bird.

Chris is the Director of SOWs/Water Keeper of Nice Commerce.

Favorite thing you can reach in the warehouse that no one else can?
“SOW materials on the third level of shelving”

Last thing you bought on the internet?
“Widespread panic vinyl”

Favorite Grateful Dead song or set?
“Hartford ’77, no wait Cornell, no actually anything from Europe ’72”

Who do you think you are?
“Hahahaha, I’m Chris”

Current mood?
“Happy to be here!”

Favorite daily task?
“Taking my dog for a walk”

Favorite office item?
“ @jackrudycocktailco marg mix”

No Chris like something that you use in the warehouse, wait do you drink the mix at work?
“Hahaha no! Probably the x-acto knife”

Fun fact?
“My car got stolen 4 years ago”

Everyone find them a Chris.