Nice Commerce Squad Spotlight Wednesdays: Carly Edition!

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Y’all know what time it is. Nice Commerce Squad Spotlight Wednesdays!

This week we have Carly AKA C or Car

Carly is Wizard of Inventory and our Resident Golf Pro!

Have you ever hit a hole in one?

Where are you from?
“The sticks in Montana. Like seriously right by Canada and North Dakota.”

Favorite Snack?
“Straight up cheese dude.”

Alright favorite cheese?
“Blueberry Goat”

Last concert you went to?
“James Taylor!”

Nice Tenure?
“I’m going to be operating our space station fulfillment center in ten years.”

No not in ten years, your tenure here at Nice?
“Oh! 9 months. I stand by my space station comment”

Any brands or products you are vibin’ with right now?
“ @fitssocks for keeping my feet happy walking around this warehouse all day!”

Last thing you purchased on the internet?
“Cork coasters for my desk.”

Anything you’re looking forward to right now?
“All the new brands were bringing in is pretty exciting.”

Last song you listened to?
“A Little Rain by Morgan Wallen”

Favorite office item?
“The office trophy”

Favorite weekly task?
“Keeping up office morale with funny slack stories.”

Anything else you want the people to know?
“Probably that my second favorite passion after golf is my vinyl collection”

Favorite vinyl right now?
“Tangerine by the Glass Animals”

Any shoutouts while you have this platform?

Everyone, find you a Carly!