Nice Commerce Squad Spotlight Wednesdays: Alex W. Edition!

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This week we have Alex AKA Wolfie AKA Wolf(e)
“but I guess that’s not really a nickname, that’s just my last name sooo“

Alex is Freight Master General

What are you looking at right now?
“Uh, our phone call in slack”

Favorite Snack?
“Hot and spicy Cheez-Its”

Editors Note: This should be universal, really just Cheez-Its in general.

Last concert you went to bc we can do that now?
@tedeschitrucksband last Friday at the Bend”

Nice Tenure?
“Since October - 8 months - sounds crazy to say out loud…”

Any brands or products you are vibin’ with right now?
“ @jackrudycocktailco marg mix with the @redclayhotsauce marg salt!”

Last thing you purchased on the internet?
“Cordless vacuum charging cord”

Anything you’re looking forward to right now?
“Turning 30 next week, so I guess that’s exciting…”

Last song you listened to?
““Willin’” by Little Feet”

Favorite office item?

Favorite weekly task?
“I mean I think I drink more coffee than anyone here so probably filling up my coffee cup”

Anything else you want the people to know?
“I recently became and Ordained Minister; I’ll do weddings, funerals and baptisms!”

Any shoutouts while you have this platform?
“Eh, not really, actually hey Mom!”

Everyone, find you an Alex!