Monument Shutters: Sample Kit to Full Order Conversion Rate Increase

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Monument Shutters is an online exterior shutter business made-to-order from the highest quality woods and materials. To satisfy and expedite purchases, they needed to provide their customers with samples of shutter materials and color quality. 


Monument Shutters was seeing a significant increase in requests for sample kits and didn’t have a fulfillment solution to ship sample kits out to their customers.  

monument shutter sample kits


Nice Commerce created the sample kits with SKU and product information inserts and made the packing and assembly quick and easy to drop ship to customers on demand. 

With Nice Commerce’s ability to manage kitted products inventory independent of the kits being assembled, it made it simple for the Monument team to make real-time improvements to increase conversion rates on full orders on the fly.

Currently, Monument converts roughly 25% of all sample kit orders with an AOV of $750. 

“Nice Commerce fulfills our sample kits which include multiple inserts and material samples all wrapped up in our customized packaging. They require a lot of time and attention to detail to ensure all components are included and Nice handles it with ease. Having the Nice team take that task off our hands has allowed us to focus on our customers and convert those sample kit orders into full purchases. Partnering with Nice Commerce has been one of our best decisions yet and their entire team is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and a joy to work with!” 
- Kristen Anderson, Monument Shutters