Launching an eCommerce Kids Soap Line During Covid

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Sohp Shop created a fun, hygienic product for children that was ideal to sell and maximize consumer purchases online during the Covid pandemic of 2020. Their soaps are filled with surprise toys that make washing your hands fun for kids and encourage cleanliness. 

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This was an ideal product to sell online, but Sohp Shop was facing a time crunch to get their fun, clean products launched and orders fulfilled in time for the pandemic purchase surge. A product that covered learning, cleanliness and entertainment all in one - demand was high out the gate.


Nice Commerce quickly onboarded Sohp Shop, inventoried their products, generated barcodes, set up carrier rates, created SKU structures to support expansion of their catalog in the future - all to efficiently get their orders fulfilled within 2 weeks of the first conversations had about the partnership.

From the Sohp Shop Team: 

“Thanks to Nice Commerce, we were able to launch our eCommerce kids business within a matter of weeks instead of months and have seen great success with our order fulfillment!”  

- Chassity Evans, Founder and CEO, Sohp Shop