I Think We Should Split Up: Why Sometimes it’s Better to Split (Shipments)

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Split shipments can sometimes leave your customers (and even you) less than satisfied, but split shipments can actually be really beneficial.

This article will touch on the various benefits of split shipments for you and your business.

You may have seen that other vendors and business owners avoid split shipments at all costs. This is because, when done wrong, split shipments usually leave customers feeling like they’ve been short-changed or that there’s something wrong with their order.

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The key to using split shipments effectively without upsetting your customers is communication. You customers have to know and understand why you’ve chosen split shipments as soon as possible. Alternatively, you could even provide them with the choice. Once you accomplish this, the benefits of split shipments are more than worth it.

They save your company time and money

While your company is relatively small, keeping all of your stock in one warehouse is perfectly doable. This isn’t the case when your business outgrows that warehouse, though. Coordinating logistics is difficult, and splitting shipments can mean that you save a lot on transportation costs as well as time worrying about the stock in your different warehouses.

Customers will get part of their order faster

Certain products that have a lot of demand will tend to be out of stock quite often. Aside from those products however, customers may have other items in their order. It doesn’t really make sense from a customer service standpoint to make the customer wait for all of their items just because one isn’t currently available (or won’t be for awhile).

Packaging can be easier

For orders that have large or awkwardly shaped items, it can be incredibly difficult to fit everything into one package. It would make more sense for other, more manageable items to be shipped together, and the large or awkward item to be shipped separately.

Additionally, for an order of small items, a single package can be expected. However, for an order that is made up of multiple large items, separate packages are definitely the better choice – customers don’t really want to receive the four standing fans they ordered in one massive box.

Avoiding international shipping delays

Whether ordering finished goods or raw materials from overseas, customs and international travel can take a long time. What’s more is that they’re hella unpredictable. This can mean that one part of a shipment might reach you before another, and you’ll have to decide whether or not to wait for the rest of it before you can send out your customers’ items. Split shipments can allow you to get at least some of their items to them.

Bonus: gifting!

During holiday seasons, people often order gifts from online retailers. To set yourself apart from other retailers, you could offer the option of allowing deliveries to different addresses within the same order. This saves your customers the hassle of making multiple orders for the different people in their life. It’s great customer service, and you can be sure that it will be appreciated by your customers. It’ll also probably be a great talking point and might give your business some word-of-mouth advertising! Blog post to follow on this!

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Split shipments can help keep your company time and cost efficient, and there is absolutely a smart way to go about it. The key with split shipments is to communicate with your customer and keep yours and their happiness and convenience in mind.

Wherever possible, let your customers have input so that you can understand their choices and priorities!