exSKUUUUUUUse me.. The Cascade Method for SKUs

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Usually, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) consists of the manufacturer, product description, material, color, size, packaging and some companies even include the warranty.

At Nice Commerce we love working with up and coming brands. By doing so, we get the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process early on with brands to position them for growth.

For SKUs, we recommend going with something that is not limiting as your catalog grows in size and variety.

The best method for this is the Cascade Method. 

What does a typical SKU look like? 


For example, this is how a typical SKU would be structured if you have a T Shirt business:


01 - T Shirt Design #1
TS - T Shirt
SS – Short Sleeve
000 – Black (Color)
01 - Small

Codes must be logically understandable. 

Keep adding attributes until you can uniquely identify that particular lipstick in your warehouse using only one code. As you grow, you can add more colors, styles, etc without changing the flow of SKUs

Stop adding attributes as soon as this unique identification is possible.

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