3 Easy Ways To Keep Customer For Life

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TLDR: You’ve worked hard to get new customers, but how do you make them come back for more? By making your brand memorable and providing extra value, you can make your customers feel special and boost your customer retention.

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When it comes to increasing your sales, where are most of your marketing and sales efforts allocated? For most eCommerce stores, the answer is in customer acquisition. Seems pretty reasonable, right? After all, getting new clients is the bloodline of any business.

The top of the funnel is super important. With lean/fast growth eCommerce teams though, new customer acquisition takes away resources from another crucial aspect of your sales—customer retention.

In fact, 63% of marketers claim customer acquisition is their most important advertising goal, even though new customer acquisition costs 7x more than existing customer retention.

In reality, even a small increase in customer retention can bring lots of ROI. For example, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase your revenue anywhere between 25% to 95%. Even at the lowest threshold, it’s still a big gain.

There are plenty of ways to keep your customers coming back.

Here are three tips to increase your customer retention - The Nice Way.

1.) Use order inserts to provide more information around what your brand is all about.

Picture this. Your customer gets your product delivered. When they open the box, the first thing they see is a beautiful little card or brochure. It has your logo, a nice thank you note for their purchase, and an intro to your brand and your products. To make the introduction much sweeter, it has a small discount for their next purchase, too.

Isn’t this a fantastic way to make a positive first impression?

Product inserts give each order a personal touch and make it easier for your customer to remember your brand. This is important if you sell in marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy. Do you want your customer to remember they got your product “somewhere on Etsy”, or do you want them to remember your brand?

Many brands even include hand-written thank-you notes for an ultra-personalized touch to make customers feel special.

2.) Add a freebie (a Nice one)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person intending to make a purchase must be in want of free stuff.

So, adding a small gift to their purchase will be the best kind of surprise for a new client.

Usually, items like stickers, or magnets make great little presents. However, if you want to go the extra mile, consider adding samples of other products, too.

Also, you can make it more fun and interactive by asking them to post photos of their freebies on social media to get a discount.

Keep in mind that in most cases you shouldn’t publish these incentives on your website - unless they are part of a promotion or incentive. They’re not meant to convince your lead to take out their credit card. Very few prospects would be swayed to click ‘pay now’ when you offer to throw in a sticker to the order, right? Instead, this is a small but meaningful surprise to put a smile on your customer’s face.

3.) Reward repeat customers

Yes, you can set up a loyalty program. But there’s something else you can do.
What if you added a special present after a certain number of purchases or amount spent?

Unlike the welcome gift, this would be a larger gift to add more value to their order.

For example, after placing 10 orders at your art supply store, your client gets a watercolor set for free. There’s a few of things you’ll need to keep in mind with this one, though:

- Make sure the gift fits your brand.
- Avoid sending large gifts that will increase shipping costs.
- Send your client something they actually want.

We often recommend partnering with an up and coming brand for this. They get the exposure, you get a happy customer.

What people remember the most about any interaction—with a person or a company—is how they felt in the end. Customer retention is all about intentional actions to make each customer feel special, valued, and understood.


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